IMPACT PROJECTS are the result of the passion, hard work and determination of Motivate & Empower leaders.




  • Fitness Fridays at Cromwell Field: Join the PE class from 32nd Street School on USC’s track; run laps with them, teach them about nutrition, do yoga, zumba, anything fitness-related -- Fridays 9-10 AM
    • Impact Leader: APPLICATIONS OPEN! 


Innovation & Artistry

  • Murals at 32nd Street School: Help bring the artistic visions of students at 32nd Street School to life in a beautiful mural that will leave a positive mark on the community -- Meetings Thursdays 6 PM - 7 PM, dates for painting at school TBD
    • Impact Leader: Saphia Jackson --
  • 75th Street Studios: Collaborate with the students at 75th Street School as they write their own scripts and perform in their own movie, while teaching them about representation in media -- Mondays 1:20 - 2:15 PM, starting February 27th
    • Impact Leader: Sidne Phillips --


    Tech & Media

    • Google Online Marketing Challenge: Develop and run an online advertising campaign for the local non-profit Mercado la Paloma. More info can be found -- Schedule decided by  team members’ availability 
      • Impact Leader: Azadeh Rongere --



    • Word Warriors at 32nd Street School: Inspire the students at 32nd Street to craft their own stories and express themselves through creative writing and journaling -- Thursdays 3-5 PM
      • Impact Leader: Mwiza Rudasingwa --

    Outside Venture Partners

    • TechPrep by Facebook: aims to help parents and guardians and learners explore programming, the jobs available to programmers and the skills required to become one. 

    • LA Kitchen: aims to empower, nourish and engage the community by reclaiming healthy, local foods that otherwise discarded, training men and women who are unemployed for jobs, and providing healthy meals to fellow citizens.